My mission is to educate people about the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet for their wellbeing in a physical, mental, spiritual and social level. I show them how easily this can be done in a fun and simple way.

carlaMy first contact (consciously) with Raw Foods was in 2007 when my mother spent a week visiting me. She had already told me she was eating “differently”, but until then I had no idea what a raw vegan diet would be like. The first dish I tried was a raw version of Borscht (beet soup). While my mom was in the kitchen preparing it, I was making fun of her and the ingredients she was putting together. It all seemed weird to me. When I had the courage to eat it, I could not believe how delicious it was! I loved how creative and different it all was. After that, I went to a gourmet raw vegan restaurant, in California, and once more was completely surprised by the taste and aromas of raw foods.

Since I was a child my mother always taught me to eat a healthy and balanced diet. I was never a big fan of meat; fruits and vegetables were a big part of my diet. After this first contact with gourmet raw food, my mother gave me some raw vegan books and I decided to try it out. I loved the fact I could make delicious dishes only mixing and blending, rather than cooking. This new style of not cooking was so much simpler and easier; plus it made me feel very energized and improved my sleep.. That was when I found my passion for creating in the kitchen by UNcooking delicious meals.

As time went by I realized that wherever I went people around me were curious about my eating habits and little by little started learning and improving something in their diet. That’s when I thought teaching them how to make raw foods would be a fun way to spread the word and change lives one bite at a time.

Most of my knowledge in nutrition and raw foods came from books and my mother and In 2016 I got the chance to attend Matthew Kenney Culinary school in Miami and graduated from Levels 1 and 2, which helped me refine my knowledge and skills in the kitchen.